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The world’s leading software to empower cleaner energy decisions.

RETScreen harnesses advanced algorithms to simplify decision making around decentralised energy projects, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, and cogeneration.

In collaboration with Natural Resources Canada.

Developed by the Government of Canada, RETScreen is used by the decentralised energy sector to help analyze, plan, implement and monitor energy projects. From installing a renewable energy system to implementing energy efficiency measures within a building, this software helps walk you through the entire process.


RETScreen eLearning provides free video training to help you get the most out of the RETScreen Expert software. Content ranges from quick one-minute “how-tos” to longer overview webcasts.

Developing, Managing, and Monitoring Projects using RETScreen

Energy benchmarking allows designers, facility operators, and managers to quickly gauge a facility's actual energy performance against a user-defined reference which can be either an “ideal facility” or a facility located in another geography.  The reference facility can be defined using modeled or measured data.  Climate databases built into RETScreen are available to support the user.  Gaps between actual and reference facility performance can be highlighted and monitored on a dashboard (See Portfolio Management)